Team of people that are friendly

        leakdev ~ $ 


  • win
  • mac
  • linux
		   $  blat -to info@leakoni.net -f me@example.net -s "mail subject" ^ -server smtp.example.net -body "message text"
            $  mail -s "subject" info@leakoni.net  <<< "how are you?"
            $  mail -s "Test Subject" info@leakoni.net < /dev/null

Speed & Quality

We start projects fast, we might do it a bit slower but we do it with quality. We made some own proects, feel free to check them out.

File Syncing

We do a backup of your files. If your website is running on vps with linux system, we will setup automatical backup and restore.


Files will be made to be secure, SSL encryptions help to make it secure.


Simle way to configure your website in index.html/php file. Never need to redo the setting every single time jotting down a note.

Friendly ♥

We work with every person in our team, there is not big number of us, but we do our best.


Our designs and programming is simple. No need to think too much for you too understand it.



  • Updated our website
  • Did some work on discord bot
  • Fixed discord server
  • Changed some scripts
  • Working on backup server