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  1. The only thing that is not CSS is the picture of the laptop. I will most likely try to make one in CSS too.
  2. Kinasih

    2000+ Fonts

  3. Kinasih

    C# TicTacToe

    For those who don't know: Tic-tac-toe (also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os) is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game. If you have some sugestions how to make it better I would love to learn more. Downloads: EXE FILE C# PROJECT FILES
  4. Kinasih

    Free VIP!

    If you know me in person and are friendly I will give you 90days VIP pass 1 time! Vip gets: A new cool username style. Bypass the requirements to unlock hidden content. Access to VIP exclusive forums. Storage for 5,000 messages. Able to change display name 1 time every month Able to rate other members with +2 /-1 likes. Able to change your username
  5. Kinasih

    Free VIP!

    Well now it is free for everyone!
  6. Kinasih

    Free VIP!

    How about then if i extend it to 1 year ?
  7. Email system fixed. Now it sends via SSL and it works.

  8. Kinasih

    Elon Musk meme xD

    Hahahaha staph ;D
  9. Kinasih


    School is so boring when it comes to maths. I mean, I can do most of the stuff that is in school. Like swedish, english etc but maths is so damn ugly.
  10. Added feedback feature, still some configuring left to do but it is up!
  11. Legendary, Contributor & Noble groups added.
  12. Fixing this damn site takes some energy. But lets keep going ☀️

  13. Shop has now name colors. Verified users get 5 credits daily. (More might be added later on) To get verified please continue to go HERE.
  14. What theme should we have? Bright or dark ?
  15. Simple as the damn title says, lets make this one long damn topic
  16. My discord is Kinasih#3909 (please contact me and ask me to verify my identity on nulled before proceeding) I will NEVER refuse to do so and I will always pm you before doing the deal. Ask for a pm every time you deal with me, if I can't pm you then you added an impersonator. Price is 3% of the total amount traded. ONLY IF DEAL IS OVER 50$. Otherwise, it's free. If you are exchanging 1000$ BTC for 1100$ PP, I will charge 30$ from the BTC I CANNOT HOLD PAYPAL, PLEASE DON'T ASK. PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY JOB IS TO SECURE YOUR TRADE, I AM CHARGING YOU FOR YOUR SECURITY, THEREFORE IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE DEAL IS SUCCESSFUL OR NOT, YOU ARE STILL PAYING THE FEE BECAUSE MY JOB IS DONE, IF YOU HAD SENT THE MONEY DIRECTLY TO THE SELLER AND HE DECIDED TO SCAM YOU, ALL THE MONEY WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST. THIS IS WHAT MY SERVICE IS ABOUT. IF THE PERSON YOU ARE DEALING WITH TURNS OUT TO BE A SCAMMER, YOU HAVE YOUR MONEY BACK FROM ME AND HE DOESN'T GET IT. PLEASE DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT ME KEEPING MY FEE WHEN MY JOB WAS DONE. DISCLAIMER If you left money with me for more than 60 days and haven't claimed it, its up to me if I return it or not. This is not a threat, this is merely a reminder so that you ask for your money back if the deal is not succesful, because I cant hold your money forever and I need to release it whether it is to you, or the other party.
  17. Added credits to the forum. If you reply/create topic you will get 1 credit for it. Later on shop will be wider.